Groovin Nights (ages 18 +)

Dance and music are a form of therapy in itself!

Our Groovin Nights program is designed for young adults with disability to experience a glimpse of a night out in the big smoke whilst being in a safe and judgement free setting.

Dancing shoes are a must! We will even have a DJ so tell the DJ to play your song!

LeapFun (ages 5-12)

Our LeapFun program is designed for children with developmental delays. LeapFun is a play-based program facilitated by allied health staff. The focus for LeapFun is on the development of social skills so that children with developmental delays can transition into mainstream play groups or other recreational activities.

LeapFun is a group-based play activity (up to 10 children) with 1-1 mentoring for children requiring a higher level of support. Fun is the main ingredient!

For more information, please send us an email